Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Shika/Jpn/Sound/2nd Kyoto trip

10 clips / 2nd Kyoto trip after winter

My artist/designer friend Jun Kit visiting Tokyo for his group exhibition that he join and plan to visit Kyoto. It was my 2nd trip since winter in January following Genmai san previously but this time we're taking Willer bus (apparently the cheapest one in Tokyo but with it was real classy, comfortable and clean. We stayed over at Genmai san/Yuhei san student house and walk all over the place, taking trains, picnic by the river with our friends, interview an activist Hibino san and get to watch Yuhei san performing accoustic set in darkness with a few candles in a small room in an magical old house exactly like coming from Miyazaki's world. Kyoto is an old beautiful ancient city, no tall buildings, lots of nature and zen as fuck.

Yuhei san performing / 6 clips