Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Shika/Jpn/Sound/BirthdayKaraoke17/Shinjuku 2014

Caution: This is meant for personal documentary purposes. Not advisable to watch at all costs.
17 clips - Starman - David Bowie/Sunday Morning - No Doubt/Sweet dreams  - Eurythmics/I Wanna Be Sedated - Ramones/Anarchy in UK - Sex Pistols/Tornado of Souls - Megadeth/Linoleum - Nofx/Walk like an Egyptian/In Bloom - Nirvana/Genmai san - ???/Supersonic - Bad Religion/Bodies - Sex Pistols/Genmai san - ???/Imagine-John Lenon/Genmai san - ???/Spiderwebs - No Doubt/in a big country - Big Country

Usually i don't celebrate my own birthday but since in Japan, i want to make something memorable and asking Genmai san and Akama san to join together for a small celebrations. Apologize for the bad singing it was meant to be an experience. For me it was the second time i went to this place with Akama san. Accordin to him it was the cheapest in Shinjuku or Tokyo if not mistaken. You can also get some costumes provided before entering the karaoke room and wear for a cosplay purpose during the session and also get your own food from their nearest konbini and eat inside.

The karaoke joint is just there right infront on the ground level across the steet...
Community center AKTA in Shinjuku where i held a small exhibition titled 'Transmission' in creating awareness about the situation of Transwoman in Malaysia and also a little bit from Philippines,

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Shika/Jpn/Sound/Hanami April2014

10 + 3 HD clips/
First i was looking forward to join Tokyo LGBTIQ group for a Hanami at the Gyoen park in Shinjuku but couldn't find the group and ended up join Yumi san and her gang at Koenji park. The next day i followed Risa san to Kunitachi station to join the artists community and friends for Hanami celebration and picnic, and while walking near the university entrance i discovered the artist 'Likkle Mai' playing catchy raggae song, its was a cover of classic 'Tokyo kid' but i love her version very very much...

...with Ikaru san during Hanami in Kunitachi

Shika/Jpn/Sound/Spring 17/3/2014

It was the first time in my life witnessing season change from Tokyo snowy winter to warm windy Spring. I felt that i've never missed the sun before but after long cold winter, squinting at the big ball of fire and i feel like the small battery icon indicator in a smartphone charging...
I also noticed the small insects like spiders, moths, dragonflies, butterflies, cicadas slowly crawling out again back to life...

...with Sapako san at the park selling her vegan food. She's active in the local comunity and at the anti-nuke protest every Friday at Gokkaigijidomae setting up her stall. When i first came to Koenji and at Nantoka bar, its the first food that i ate in Tokyo before parking my ass down at the guest house.

teaching Matsumoto san to swear in Malay

video date: 2ndMay2014
Some days at Nantoka bar in Koenji, we had a conversation before Matsumoto san and Yuyusan about first thing we learn in a language or acquiring new language is swearing. I thought him before at the bar but in this video it was shot after attending a group exhibition Jun Kit participated, and after that we hit the nearby open air pub and drink. This is the clip where i taught them how to swear in Malay. Both of them are quite tipsy...minna yopparai ne~~~

Friday, September 23, 2016


66 clips
Train / Densha / Shinkansen / Bus / Car / Boat / Cable car / Jpn

cramped in the train during Tokyo rush hour with these lovely people

Koenji market

Every morning when i go out for coffee at the cafe or lunch at the Soba stand or taking the train at the station, i'll pass this small wet market. Its the usual everyday sound of the men shouting and calling customers in harmony. The Koenji wet market jingles.

Lost in translation moment

memori Karaoke Shinjuku

Kakikomitei farewell July 2014

Farewell party at Kakikomitei (natsukashii~) Farewell party at Genmai san's house Y_Y (natsukashii~) Saddest day ever...the farewell party at Kakekomitei pub with the folks, i truly missed them and their kindest gesture and words. Here also in i had my first exhibition in Tokyo Japan in conjunction with their event Queer film screenings earlier. Here are the remnants of the old days of the 60s, 70s hippy movements and psychedelic music and also i felt that they are like my family that i've never had. Everybody's so kind and always smile and laughs. U_U'''natsukashii~

Farewell party at Center of Gender Studies (ICU), Minna arigatou <3 <3 <3



Public performance by Nora Brigade

Shika/Jpn/Sound/Kunitachi 2014

Very beautiful performance by residence artist at Kunitachi bar by the local community

Shika/Jpn/Sound/Nora brigade 2014

Get the chance to witness Nora Brigade practising in jamming studio before their performance in public later


22 clips/
a punk gig at Gateway studio near the Takadanobaba station, and my friends band Unarm and Cosmic Neurose is playing as well

Shika/Jpn/Sound/YuntakuTakae 2014

17 clips -
The sound of Yuntaku Takae~ artists and activists collective against American army based in Okinawa and other islands in Japan and South Korea

Okinawan have similiar culture like Hawaiian...

In Tokyo you'll often find pockets of the past hidden inbetween buildings. Something mythical about the shrine that seems coordinatedly placed all over Tokyo...

Cute illustrations and design on the tote bags and tshirts that says 'Osprey Out!' No helicopter in regards to American army based that often disturbed the peace of the Okinawan residence.

i remember getting lost trying to get to the Yutaku Takae event, and walk all over the place without using google maps or waze and sweating like a fountain. Ended up here but when i ask, the address for the event actually quite far from here....sigh...walk like an Egyptian...in a blistering hot summer...


Inogashira has a transgender drummer as their mascot, how cool is that? Is that an objectifying thing? i dunno, but they're super fun~

Shika/Jpn/Sound/Nakano gig

a punk gig in Nakano~ and Marjinal electric performance with other cool bands, wohooo~


best experience ever. Marjinal accoustic set. First only Mike and the other guy came and perform accoustic gig before the rest of the band members came and perform full line up with other Japanese punk bands in Nakano.

Shika/Jpn/Sound/Kyoto/Yuhei san

Beautiful Yuhei san and his beautiful soulful voice. He got another 2 bands he's playing in, I remember one of them is called the Pumpkins. I get to know Yuhei san from Genmai san, they use to go to the same university and stayed together as a student. When i was visiting Kyoto twice i stayed at the very same house they were staying when they were students and Yuhei san is still staying there and the house is called Tachigabana house (forgot what it means) but the remnants from the old days is still there and few thoughts came to mind, that maybe people here seldom change their deco or interior that often compare to Malaysians, and i have this nostalgic sense as if i was experiencing their lives from the past, hence meccha natsukashii ne~~~