Friday, September 23, 2016

Shika/Jpn/Sound/Kyoto/Yuhei san

Beautiful Yuhei san and his beautiful soulful voice. He got another 2 bands he's playing in, I remember one of them is called the Pumpkins. I get to know Yuhei san from Genmai san, they use to go to the same university and stayed together as a student. When i was visiting Kyoto twice i stayed at the very same house they were staying when they were students and Yuhei san is still staying there and the house is called Tachigabana house (forgot what it means) but the remnants from the old days is still there and few thoughts came to mind, that maybe people here seldom change their deco or interior that often compare to Malaysians, and i have this nostalgic sense as if i was experiencing their lives from the past, hence meccha natsukashii ne~~~

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