Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Shika/Jpn/Sound/BirthdayKaraoke17/Shinjuku 2014

Caution: This is meant for personal documentary purposes. Not advisable to watch at all costs.
17 clips - Starman - David Bowie/Sunday Morning - No Doubt/Sweet dreams  - Eurythmics/I Wanna Be Sedated - Ramones/Anarchy in UK - Sex Pistols/Tornado of Souls - Megadeth/Linoleum - Nofx/Walk like an Egyptian/In Bloom - Nirvana/Genmai san - ???/Supersonic - Bad Religion/Bodies - Sex Pistols/Genmai san - ???/Imagine-John Lenon/Genmai san - ???/Spiderwebs - No Doubt/in a big country - Big Country

Usually i don't celebrate my own birthday but since in Japan, i want to make something memorable and asking Genmai san and Akama san to join together for a small celebrations. Apologize for the bad singing it was meant to be an experience. For me it was the second time i went to this place with Akama san. Accordin to him it was the cheapest in Shinjuku or Tokyo if not mistaken. You can also get some costumes provided before entering the karaoke room and wear for a cosplay purpose during the session and also get your own food from their nearest konbini and eat inside.

The karaoke joint is just there right infront on the ground level across the steet...
Community center AKTA in Shinjuku where i held a small exhibition titled 'Transmission' in creating awareness about the situation of Transwoman in Malaysia and also a little bit from Philippines,

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