Friday, September 23, 2016

Shika/Jpn/Sound/YuntakuTakae 2014

17 clips -
The sound of Yuntaku Takae~ artists and activists collective against American army based in Okinawa and other islands in Japan and South Korea

Okinawan have similiar culture like Hawaiian...

In Tokyo you'll often find pockets of the past hidden inbetween buildings. Something mythical about the shrine that seems coordinatedly placed all over Tokyo...

Cute illustrations and design on the tote bags and tshirts that says 'Osprey Out!' No helicopter in regards to American army based that often disturbed the peace of the Okinawan residence.

i remember getting lost trying to get to the Yutaku Takae event, and walk all over the place without using google maps or waze and sweating like a fountain. Ended up here but when i ask, the address for the event actually quite far from here....sigh...walk like an a blistering hot summer...

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